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Marti is a family owned group of con­struc­tion com­pa­nies based in Berne-Moos­see­dorf, Switzer­land. The first Marti com­pany was es­tab­lished in 1922. Steady growth as of the 1940ies led to geo­graph­ical ex­pan­sion ­all over Switzer­land and to a tech­nolo­gy-driv­en diversi­fica­tion and special­ization.The most signi­ficant mile­stones include cutting-edge mech­aniza­tion of earth and road con­struc­tion works in the late 1950ies and, in the early 1980ies, the acqui­sition of projects in foreign coun­tries, such as Saudi Arabia or South Africa. Marti has been in­volved in a wide range of infra­structure and buil­ding projects in Switzer­land and abroad, as general con­tractor, lead partner in inter­national joint ven­tures, design­build con­tractor, con­struc­tion manager and sub­con­tractor.





Today the group consists of more than 80 cor­po­rate en­tities and has over 6,500 em­ploy­ees in Switzer­land, Aus­tria, Ger­ma­ny, Slo­vakia, Ice­land, In­dia, Chi­na, Chi­le and Nor­way.

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Selected Highlights

Earthworks with scrapers on highway construction sites in Switzerland

Seelisberg Tunnel
Hydraulic multi-arm tunneling drill jumbo at Seelisberg Tunnel, Switzerland

Execution of 1,500 reinforced concrete Vibrex piles in Durban, South Africa

South Africa
Lesotho Highlands Water Project, South Africa

Transjurane highway tunnels in the Canton of Jura, Switzerland

Linth Limmern
Linth Limmern 1000 MW pump-storage plant, Switzerland


Marti Tunnel AG


Tunneling is one of the core com­petences of Marti. The com­pany has been in­volved as a special­ist con­tractor for the execu­tion of mech­anized and con­vention­al tunnel con­struc­tion works in re­lation to large-scale under­ground trans­por­tation and hydro­power pro­jects in Switzer­land and abroad. Marti is an ex­pert for under­ground pro­jects in both ur­ban and re­mote areas in va­rious kinds of geo­logical con­ditions.

Selected References

Bärenwerk Hydropower Plant, Tunneling

Bärenwerk Hydropower Plant

Country Austria
Owner Salzburg AG
Scope Water tunnel with concrete segmental lining
Diameter 3.8 m / 12.47 ft
Length 2,835 m / 9,300 ft
Completion 2008
Linth Limmern Pump-Storage Plant, Tunneling

Linth Limmern Pump-Storage Plant

Country Switzerland
Owner Kraftwerke Linth-Limmern AG
Scope 2 pressure shafts (inclined 45°)
Diameter 5.2 m / 17 ft
Length 2 x 1,120 m / 13,445 ft
Completion 2011
Katzenberg Railway Tunnel, Tunneling

Katzenberg Railway Tunnel

Country Germany
Owner Deutsche Bahn (DB) Projektbau GmbH
Scope 2 tunnels with EPB / TBMs with single lining with concrete segments
Diameter 11.16 m / 36.6 ft
Length 2 x 9,385 m (8,984 m with TBM) / 30,790 ft (29,475 ft with TBM)
Completion 2010
Bracons Safety Tunnel, Tunneling

Bracons Safety Tunnel

Country Spain
General Contractor UTE Tunel de Bracons, FCC Construction
Scope TBM drive, lining with shotcrete
Diameter 4.40 m / 14.4 ft
Length 4,500 m / 14,765 ft
Completion 2008

Raise Boring and Shaft Construction Works

During the last five years Marti has be­come a trus­ted inter­nation­al part­ner for the exe­cu­tion of raise bo­ring and shaft con­struc­tion works. The de­vel­op­ment of the Marti raise bo­ring unit start­ed with two ver­tical pres­sure shafts (dia­meters up to 8.2 m / 27 ft; depth 430 m / 1,410 ft) for the 900 MW Nant de Drance pump-sto­rage plant in the south­west­ern part of Switzer­land and a job in Hong Kong. In 2016, the com­pany com­pleted work at the Chu­quica­mata copper mine in the north of Chi­le, the Uma Oya pro­ject in Sri Lanka and the­­ Búr­fell hydro­power plant in Ice­land. With our equip­ment, drilled shafts with dia­meters up to 6 m / 19.6 ft and depths up to 1,000 m / 3,280 ft are achiev­able.

Selected References

Uma Oya, Raise Boring and Shaft Construction Works

Uma Oya Multipurpose Development Project

Country Sri Lanka
Scope Pressure, surge and escape shafts
Diameter 3.2-3.7 m / 10.5-12.1 ft
Depth 89-617 m / 291,995 ft
Machine Herrenknecht VF 600
Completion 2017
Uma Oya Multipurpose; Development Project, Raise Boring and Shaft Construction Works

Chuquicamata Copper Mine

Country Chile
Scope 7 vertical ventilation shafts
Diameter 3-5 m / 9,8-16.4 ft
Depth 110-385 m / 360-1,263 ft
Machine Herrenknecht VF 600
Completion 2017
Bùrfell Hydroelectric Project, Raise Boring and Shaft Construction Works

Bùrfell Hydroelectric Project

Country Iceland
Scope 2 vertical pressure shafts
Diameter 4.5 and 6 m / 14.7 and 19.6 ft
Depth 86 and 115 m / 282 and 377 ft
Machine Herrenknecht VF 400
Completion 2017

Waterproofing and­­­
Grouting / Injection Works

Es­tab­lished in 1965, Renesco has de­ve­loped from a local Swiss tunnel sea­ling com­pany to an inter­nation­ally reco­gnized spe­cial­ist for the exe­cu­tion of water­proof­ing and grou­ting solu­tions for all kinds of un­der­ground, hy­drau­lic and civil struc­tures. Our ser­vices in­clude sheet water­proof­ing / geo­mem­branes (such as PVC, FPO / TPO and HDPE), liquid applied / sprayed water­proofing, bon­ding sea­ling sys­tems for new struc­tures or res­tora­tion work. Full ser­vice in che­mi­cal and ce­men­titious grou­ting / in­jec­tion is avail­able in­clu­ding drilling services. To be able to meet our cus­tomers’ highest ex­pec­ta­tions with re­gard to the qua­lity and ef­fi­cien­cy of work, Renesco de­velops and con­stant­ly im­proves its equip­ment and method­ologies.

Selected References

Northern Line Extension, London, Waterproofing and Grouting / Injection Works

Northern Line Extension, London

Country England
Scope Sheet waterproofing for tunnels and shafts, fullround seal, 2 mm PVC-P, 500 mm wide 6-ribs water barrier, 1,200 g / sqm PP protection geotextile direct onto fibre-reinforced shotcrete.
Completion 2016-2017
Oberau Tunnel, Waterproofing and Grouting / Injection Works

Oberau Tunnel

Country Germany
Scope Systematic injection of special cement-based grout (2,900 tons) to consolidate the ground and to allow a controlled lifting of overlaying structures, installation of monitoring system to control the grouting process, construction of 6 shafts (diameter 6 m, depth 12 m), horizontal drilling (7,000 m).
Completion 2016-2017
Metro Copenhagen, Waterproofing and Grouting / Injection Works

Metro Copenhagen

Country Denmark
Scope Waterproofing of 23 stations (top / down construction), installation of FPO / TPO based sheet waterproofing, geotextile, water barriers, compartment and injection system.
Completion 2012-2018
Snekkestad Railway Tunnel, Waterproofing and Grouting / Injection Works

Snekkestad Railway Tunnel

Country Norway
Scope Systematic pre-grouting to minimize water intrusion during excavation over the whole length of the tunnel in 20 m sections (section 135 sqm, length 2,100 m), alternating with drill & blast process.
Completion 2011-2014

Conveyor Systems

Marti Technik is a spe­cial­ist con­trac­tor for the de­vel­op­ment, ma­nu­fac­ture, sup­ply, op­era­tion and main­te­nance of cus­tomized belt con­vey­or sys­tems for tunnel pro­jects and other appli­ca­tions. The com­pany has ex­pe­ri­ence from abroad range of pro­jects to­tal­ing in more than 630,000 m or over 2,000,000 ft of con­vey­er belt length world­wide.

Selected References

Coca Codo Sinclair Hydroelectric Project, Conveyor Systems

Coca Codo Sinclair Hydroelectric Project

Country Ecuador
Scope 2 tunnel conveyor belts
Length 26,900 m in total
Width 1,000 mm
Conveying capacity 1,000 t / h
Power 3,130 kW
Alto Maipo Hydroelectric Project, Conveyor Systems

Alto Maipo Hydroelectric Project

Country Chile
Scope 2 tunnel conveyor belts (Alfalfal / Las Lajas)
Length 21,790 m in total
Width 650 / 800 mm
Conveying capacity 320 t / h / 650 t / h
Power 615 kW / 1,250 kW
Sao Paulo Metro Project (Line 5), Conveyor Systems

Sao Paulo Metro Project (Line 5)

Country Brazil
Scope 2 tunnel conveyor belt systems (Lot 3 / Lot 7)
Length 10,000 / 5,870 m
Width 800 / 1,000 mm
Conveying capacity 500 / 1,000 t / h
Power 1,200 / 1,015 KW
Evergreen Project, Conveyor Systems

Evergreen Project

Country Canada
Scope Tunnel conveyor belt
Length 2,000 m
Width 1,000 mm
Conveying capacity 1,050 t / h
Power 200 kW


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Transport of a tunneling drill jumbo at Linth Limmern 1000 MW pump-storage plant (Switzerland)


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